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Be the FIRST For Our Brand New 2019 Offerings at Strive2Move

As the Thanksgiving season ends and the REAL holiday and New Year season begins, I wanted to get a head start and talk about some of our NEW offerings at Strive2Move.

Before I go forward though, let me go back…

I started Strive2Move a little over 3 years ago setting up my portable table in the lobby of a CrossFit gym (Shout out to Endorphin CrossFit) a few nights a week and also using space on Sundays at our current Warren office because the rooms were totally full during normal business hours.

It was far from glamorous but it got the job done. During that time, I was able to offer my ‘bread and butter’ which is treatment of injuries so that we could get you back into the gym or to life but really get you back to doing the things you LOVE to do…That’s really what it is about.

I’m happy and proud that we have done this but it has become apparent that you want MORE from us. We get SO many questions about nutrition, exercise selection, fitness programming, and vitamin supplementation that we feel it is our duty to address this with you.

And with the soon-to-be Dr. Jeremy coming on board full time in 2019 (more on that later) we now have the ability to offer so much more of what you have been asking.

So over the next few weeks, I am going to announce what we are OFFICIALLY Launching in 2019:

1-1 Nutrition Coaching Are you FINALLY looking to change your life? Nutrition is Step 1. You may or may not be hitting the gym 2-5 days a week and STILL not getting results and the reason is clear.

Nutrition and diet make up 80% of your weight loss goals.

What’s more? What we have found in our early stage testing of this program is that many people are actually not eating ENOUGH. (that’s not a joke)…

Most importantly, you will fail (or may have already) with trying the diet your friend is doing or worse, the one you found online.

And even worse, you may have done awesome with dropping weight, only to put it all back on (and then some)

The reason for this is simple: The nutrition plan was simply not the right one for YOU!

And that’s why we are offering a 1-1 customized plan.

Travel for work? We got you.

Hate certain foods? We will work around that.

Training for something specific? We can do that too.

Struggle with chronic pain and injury due to inflammation? That’s exactly why you need this.

So here are the details:

-We can only open up 5 spots right now as we want to make sure we launch this appropriately and give you the 1-1 attention you deserve.

And, we are looking to have all 5 spots full by the end of the year (2018).

-This is going to be by application only. We want to make sure that we can help you reach your goals and don’t just want to take on cases that aren’t in our wheelhouse.

-Once you apply, we will send you an initial questionnaire to determine exactly what your needs are and goals look like.

– If we think we can help, we will schedule you for an initial consultation. That is 100% free. No obligation.

-And from there, it’s something you want to move forward with, you will have a few options to choose depending on the level of care and service you are looking for.

So, if you are interested in our 1-1 nutrition coaching program OR of you have specific questions, please REPLY to this blog post.

Again, we are only opening 5 slots to give you the individual attention you deserve so don’t hesitate!

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Justin Rabinowitz

Dr. Justin Rabinowitz is one of New Jersey’s Leading Chiropractors and Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

Dr. Justin graduated with his Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College in 2012 and received his designation at a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist soon after. Upon graduation, Dr. Justin worked in a private practice until opening his own private practice in 2015.

Dr. Justin has worked with high level athletes in many settings including Rutgers University and CrossFit Regional Games. During his time in private practice, he has focused on caring for patients from professional athletes all the way to Fit Moms and Dads.

Dr. Justin is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing tennis and weight training.