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Why Traction May NOT Be Your Best Option

It’s common that a chiropractor or physical therapist will brag about the newest piece of equipment they just bought for the practice in order to ‘solve’ your back pain. Hey, I would too. Those things are expensive and someone has to pay the bill! Only one problem, though. They usually don’t work. In fact, the […]

Dr. Justin Keeps Me in the GAME!

This week’s success story is about Luis Ramos. Luis is pitcher at the College of St. Joseph and has worked with S2M on injury prevention and performance during his off-season. Hear what Luis has to say! ————————————————————————- Being a pitcher is, I think the most important position on the diamond. Pitcher’s have the ability to […]

I Used to PowerLift. I Then Had So Much Pain, I Could Barely Squat With NO WEIGHT!!!

This week’s success story is about CJ Appenzeller, Owner/Head Strength Coach of Appenzeller Training Systems. CJ came to S2M looking for a solution to some pretty serious pain he was having. Like many others, he had been to quite a few practitioners who just couldn’t help the way he needed. Here is CJ’s story: “As […]

Shin Splints or Stress Fracture??

One of the most common injuries to the running community is shin splints and stress fractures. What most people do not realize is that stress fractures are essentially shin splints gone bad. Check out this video below to learn more:   Are you a runner with shin pain? Email us at  to learn more!

My Shoulder Hurt, So I RESTED (IT Didn’t Work)

Check out our most recent success story from Lisa! Lisa is a member of Endorphin CrossFit who came to see us after a shoulder injury. Needless to say, she is back in action. Here is Lisa’s story: —————————– “I originally hurt my shoulder in August, but like most people, I basically ignored the pain and […]

Dr. Justin Has Helped Me Run ‘Pain Free’ For Years!

As a runner at the high school and now collegiate level, I am constantly pushing my body to limit with my training. Because of that, I always make sure I have people ‘in my corner’ to guide me and make sure my body stays in the best shape possible. One of the key people on […]