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Shoulder Pain to Handstand in 2 Visits!

When I met Dr. Justin at a presentation he was giving at Brawlhouse in Mountainside, I knew right away that this was a guy I wanted to work with and continue to learn from. A year prior to us meeting, I had injured my shoulder practicing hand balancing. I stubbornly self-rehabbed, and although i regained […]

I Think I’m Going to Get an MRI…

The famous last words of so many clients and patients that I encounter every day. As you can probably tell by the tone, this may not always be the best course of action. Before I get into it however, let me preface this by saying that I am in no way, shape, or form bashing […]

Why Your Dentist Should Not Be the Only One Doing Yearly Check-Ups…

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote almost 5 years ago. Amazing how time flies. Luckily, the message has not changed. We all do and say some regrettable things. This is not regrettable as I stand by this message from my younger self. ————– Of what I have read so far, the most […]

Setting PR’s While Injured

People who seek out my care are always injured. This is pretty obvious.   What isn’t obvious however, is how we can still have that injured person set personal records while being injured.   This is where people get confused. They often think that we simply ‘push through’ the pain. You know, like the old […]


One of the tenants of my practice is treating athletic injuries. This was always a natural fit for me as I was an athlete growing up and love sports.   I absolutely love treating athletes because they are generally very motivated to get better especially when their pain has taken away what they value most: […]

Do YOU Need A Movement Coach?

The short answer is yes.   Everyone needs a movement coach.   Why?   And what the heck does that actually mean?   Well, a movement coach may be a chiropractor, physical therapist, or strength coach. Truthfully, the title is the least important part of this conversation.   What’s really important however is that this […]

3 Reasons Your Stretching Is NOT Working

I hear this almost every day.   “ I don’t understand. I stretch all the time but I am still so tight.”   I promise, you are not the only one.   Here are 3 reasons:   1) You are doing the wrong ‘stretches’- This is very common with people that have lower back pain. […]

The House Without a Foundation…

One of my favorite analogies that I use with patients is the house without a solid foundation.   Often times, we attempt to add, renovate, and invent new exercises or sports all without having a stable base or foundation.   Sometimes it’s your high -level baseball player with a core the equivalent of a wet […]

Focus on ‘How’ NOT ‘What’

One inevitable conversation I have with almost every patient starts like this, “What do you think of _____?” The blank is filled in by every exercise, nutrition, and therapy technique ever created.   The easy answer is, “It depends.”   You see, each individual may benefit from something different. I know many people who swear […]