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3 Reasons Your Stretching Is NOT Working

I hear this almost every day.   “ I don’t understand. I stretch all the time but I am still so tight.”   I promise, you are not the only one.   Here are 3 reasons:   1) You are doing the wrong ‘stretches’- This is very common with people that have lower back pain. […]

The House Without a Foundation…

One of my favorite analogies that I use with patients is the house without a solid foundation.   Often times, we attempt to add, renovate, and invent new exercises or sports all without having a stable base or foundation.   Sometimes it’s your high -level baseball player with a core the equivalent of a wet […]

Focus on ‘How’ NOT ‘What’

One inevitable conversation I have with almost every patient starts like this, “What do you think of _____?” The blank is filled in by every exercise, nutrition, and therapy technique ever created.   The easy answer is, “It depends.”   You see, each individual may benefit from something different. I know many people who swear […]


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