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Sleep is my PED

With football season in full swing, I found an article from a current NFL player talking about the importance of sleep. To put in in his terms, sleep is his version of using a performance enhancing drug. His name is Marshal Yanda and is a 6-time NFL pro-bowl offensive lineman and here is more of […]

The #1 Thing to FOCUS on as school starts for your children…

As this week kicks off the school year and life gets crazy again, I think it’s important to remember what’s really important for our kids long-term health. We have talked about it before, but a good reminder never hurt anyone. SLEEP is the thing that MOST high school kids lose out on as the school […]

I pulled my hamstring…

The ‘subject’ of this blog is true.. The other day while training, I was building up to some sprints and pulled my hamstring. Like you, I can’t stand getting injured BUT I also try to learn a lesson each and every time. This time, the lesson is pretty clear and let me explain. As of […]