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When fixing back pain, the answer is often in doing the opposite…

It seems that in my practice, certain injuries and issues come in spurts. As in, I won’t see a sciatica or lower back patient for a few weeks and then I get three in a row. Of late, it seems that my advice for injuries has been in doing the opposite of whatever that person […]

If you are stretching muscles and you are still tight…STOP!

My eyes light up like a Christmas tree when I talk to an active adult or athlete and they say this: “I’ve been stretching for months and I just can’t seem to get loose.” THIS IS A PROBLEM. Even more… THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME. You see, all the mobility in the world simply […]

If I could teach everyone just one exercise for back pain…

There is one movement I teach that I always preface by saying, “If I was only able to teach each person one thing each and every time they came in, it would be this.” The movement is actually pretty simple, yet 8/10 people have no concept of it. The movement: hip hinge. You see, the […]