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“Bend your knees” is bad advice to save your back. Try this instead…

“If you could only do ONE thing with every person who stepped foot into your office, what would it be?” I often ask myself this very question and I ALWAYS come up with the exact same answer. HIP HINGE! The hip hinge is how we do pretty much everything in life. It’s how we pick up […]

Looks like the medical community is FINALLY starting to catch on…

When you live in a fish bowl like I do, it’s sometimes shocking to remember what the rest of the world thinks about what I do. You see, so many patients come to S2M and get results. And with that, I forget that others in the medical community are shocked and surprised that we can […]

Why Doing More Core Training Won’t Help You Become a Top CrossFit Athlete

I have been privileged to work on the ‘Athlete Services Team’ at the CrossFit Regionals for the last few years. 2017 will be my 3rd year and by now, it’s clear to me that I have been able to help my CrossFit athletes at my private practice much more because of my time at Regionals. […]