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This advice may save you from injury AND help you reach your fitness goals…

I think this article from the NY Times reminds me that it is a great time to speak to some of the most common problems I see from folks starting into fitness programs. Yes, the title of the article is intriguing (As Workouts Intensify, a Harmful Side Effect Grows More Common) and the condition that the […]

Why feeling good is only sort of about feeling good…and why your performance suffers when you feel like crap

An old patient posted something on social media earlier this week about setting a new PR (personal record) on a CrossFit WOD and was kind enough to mention me in the post. He said that I helped him get out of pain which allowed him to complete this workout in record time. As you probably […]

“I’m already seeing another chiropractor”

  One of the most recent questions I got from a patient went something like this: “Justin, I need my friend to come and see you. But they are already seeing a chiropractor so they don’t see why you would be any different.” This specific individual was talking about her friend who she met at […]

Why My Friends All Think I’m Crazy…

My friends think I’m crazy. Especially my ‘Doctor’ friends. You see, we learn in school that we must treat the patient and that’s it. We learn in school that we should build so much volume in our office to be successful that we barely have time to do our patient notes. This is ‘success’. Well, […]

If Your Glutes Aren’t Sore, You May Have a Problem (more musings from the 2016 CrossFit East Regionals)

Yesterday I posted a blog about how important the core is for any CrossFit athlete from a novice all the way up to games-level competitor. Today, I talk about the glutes. We could makes the argument that if the core is ‘1A’ in importance, the glutes are ‘1B’. Heck, we could really just go ahead […]