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A Message For Parents of Youth Athletes…

Growing up in the local area (Bridgewater), I know how important youth sports are to many local kids and families. As a kid, we would go and play against the local teams from Warren, Watchung, Westfield, and all the rest of the surrounding towns. And I can tell you, those towns and teams took sports […]

The story I share about once a year…(my story)

About once a year, a patient will ask me about my story and why I do what I do… It’s something that I have blogged about before, but I think it’s a good exercise to review where I have been and my experience as each and every day, a new person comes into my practice […]

My Top 16 Lessons from 2016 (Part 1)

The end of the year is a wonderful time to take a step back and reflect on the last twelve months. Because of that, I wanted to take the time to share with you 16 things I learned in 2016. As you will see, some are health and fitness related and some are not. All, […]

Myth #4:What your doctor told you about exercise that may not be true: Just Stretch It

Welcome to Part Four of our series: 6 Myths Your Doctor Told You About Exercise. For Part 1-3, keep reading and the links will be at the bottom of this article. This post is something that happens quite often when a patient goes to the doctor with back pain. The doctor examines them, takes an […]

Are you really getting better??

If you think you are getting better, are you actually getting better? The short answer is YES! And the reason for this is nothing magical at all. In fact, the power of the mind during the healing process is primary. Science has proven time and time again that we actually heal better/quicker/faster when we believe […]

A lack of sleep causes so many issues…here is another one

As a follow up to the last post on sleep, we should really talk about sleep and stress and depression. So the question is, what’s the link? Well, it all has to do with a funny little chemical called serotonin. And altered serotonin is responsible for many problems including OCD, depression, Bi-polar disorders, and anxiety, […]

Do You Always Find Yourself With a Back Ache Before Bed?

Do you often go throughout your day, go to workout, dropping the kids at school, lifting heavy bags while shopping with almost no pain? And then by the end of the night, after a full day of feeling great, your lower back suddenly gets worse and hurts? I hear this all too often from patients. […]