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Hip Pain

Myth #4:What your doctor told you about exercise that may not be true: Just Stretch It

Welcome to Part Four of our series: 6 Myths Your Doctor Told You About Exercise. For Part 1-3, keep reading and the links will be at the bottom of this article. This post is something that happens quite often when a patient goes to the doctor with back pain. The doctor examines them, takes an […]

“I’m already seeing another chiropractor”

  One of the most recent questions I got from a patient went something like this: “Justin, I need my friend to come and see you. But they are already seeing a chiropractor so they don’t see why you would be any different.” This specific individual was talking about her friend who she met at […]

I was scared I would no longer be able to train the way I wanted to… I was truly disheartened

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered a love for exercise and training. What began as a desire to shed some extra weight, turned into a real commitment to health and fitness goals. I love the results I have achieved and I love the way it makes me feel. That’s why when my back and […]

One Year of Pain Gone in 1 Visit! (And Power- Lifting Pain FREE)

We are proud to let Anthony Torchia tell his story about getting out of pain and competing in his powerlifting meet. We love watching our athlete’s compete at a high level PAIN FREE! This is Anthony’s story: For almost a year I was having suffering from a nagging upper trap pain.  I have also suffered […]