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We’re Hiring!!

We’ve got some really exciting news… “We’re hiring!”… We’re looking for a new part time member of our staff (8-15 hrs/wk) to come and work with us in our admin/customer service team here at Strive2Move. This position has much growth potential and hours will increase as our clinic grows…… We need someone who has has […]

Where you can find S2M in September…

Happy (almost) Fall! September brings us into full race season with different road races, swims, and bike races all around the area. S2M loves participating in these races for a few reasons: It allows us to get out in the community and meet the people we know we can help the most, active individuals looking […]

A Nice, Healthy Dessert

I wanted to share a quick, easy, and healthy dessert recipe from my personal nutrition coach, Dr. Tom Bilella of the Nutrition Treatment Center. It’s a chia/protein pudding and it tastes great. Check it out!  

The House Without a Foundation…

One of my favorite analogies that I use with patients is the house without a solid foundation.   Often times, we attempt to add, renovate, and invent new exercises or sports all without having a stable base or foundation.   Sometimes it’s your high -level baseball player with a core the equivalent of a wet […]