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Success Stories

Dr. Justin Has Helped Me Run ‘Pain Free’ For Years!

As a runner at the high school and now collegiate level, I am constantly pushing my body to limit with my training. Because of that, I always make sure I have people ‘in my corner’ to guide me and make sure my body stays in the best shape possible. One of the key people on […]

It’s a Miracle! NO MORE KNEE PAIN!

Participating in Crossfit has been one of my major sources of confidence in the past two years. When I started suffering excruciating knee and ankle pain, I turned to Dr. Justin who was working with many of the athletes at my gym and he has made all the difference! I have suffered with ankle, arch, […]

Shoulder Pain to Handstand in 2 Visits!

When I met Dr. Justin at a presentation he was giving at Brawlhouse in Mountainside, I knew right away that this was a guy I wanted to work with and continue to learn from. A year prior to us meeting, I had injured my shoulder practicing hand balancing. I stubbornly self-rehabbed, and although i regained […]