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“I’m already seeing another chiropractor”

  One of the most recent questions I got from a patient went something like this: “Justin, I need my friend to come and see you. But they are already seeing a chiropractor so they don’t see why you would be any different.” This specific individual was talking about her friend who she met at […]

Is Your Chiropractor Asking the Right Questions?

I’ve always been told that I ask too many questions. In fact, I admit it can be quite annoying. At least now I am aware of this so before the question attack starts I can preface by saying, “Sorry for all of the annoying questions,” and then proceed to all of the annoying questions 🙂 […]

I’m Not an Athlete… Can You Help Me?

I often get this question from prospective patients who know Strive2Move as a ‘Sports Medicine’ practice. They are wondering if they are the right fit for our office since they do not really play a sport. It’s a great question and one that may surprise you. My stipulation with working with people actually has nothing […]

If Your Glutes Aren’t Sore, You May Have a Problem (more musings from the 2016 CrossFit East Regionals)

Yesterday I posted a blog about how important the core is for any CrossFit athlete from a novice all the way up to games-level competitor. Today, I talk about the glutes. We could makes the argument that if the core is ‘1A’ in importance, the glutes are ‘1B’. Heck, we could really just go ahead […]