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Even I CAN’T Diagnose Myself…

I wanted to share with you a quick story about my recent ache that I have been dealing with and how I needed to be reminded of the lesson that I preach to patients.

For the past month, my groin has felt tight, like it needed to be stretched. So what did I do? I stretched it…You can probably guess that it was not getting better.

Finally last week, Jeremy (who is interning with us) and who has quickly shown us to be an expert in lower back and hip diagnosis did an exam on me.

He came to the conclusion that I had a hip impingement issue going on and that stretching was actually making it WORSE. So for a month, I was essentially hurting myself.

Yes, the irony is REAL.

This is the exact conversation I have with the people I treat.

#1 is to STOP doing the things that are making you worse.

Then, once we can do that…the world is our oyster.

But you need to have the awareness to do this.

Even me, the professional, wasn’t able to do this.

So if you are anything like me and have an injury that is nagging and lingering and won’t go away, just reach out to us.

in fact, if you have seen us in the past, we are offering you a special FREE Consultation to come in at no charge and have us take a look at what’s going on to see if we may be able to help in any way.

Again, it’s free so take us up on the offer!

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Justin Rabinowitz

Dr. Justin Rabinowitz is one of New Jersey’s Leading Chiropractors and Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

Dr. Justin graduated with his Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College in 2012 and received his designation at a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist soon after. Upon graduation, Dr. Justin worked in a private practice until opening his own private practice in 2015.

Dr. Justin has worked with high level athletes in many settings including Rutgers University and CrossFit Regional Games. During his time in private practice, he has focused on caring for patients from professional athletes all the way to Fit Moms and Dads.

Dr. Justin is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing tennis and weight training.