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I had been to massage therapy, chiropractors, and physical therapists before but never got results…until I came to Strive2Move

After years and years of seeing massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors, I figured that I may just have to deal with stiffness and tightness in my neck forever.

And while I would get temporary relief from all the above, nothing was long-lasting.

Then, Strive2Move came and spoke at my gym and decided that maybe he could offer and different solution. They took an approach that seemed holistic and was much more concerned with finding the root cause as opposed to just a quick fix.

After the initial evaluation, we found that while the treatment I had been getting before was helpful, it was not really addressing the problem.

In fact, as we dove deeper, he found that my breathing and core strength was one of the major factors in what was causing my neck pain. Who would have thought?

After we corrected this, I was still suffering from occasional pain so we began to look at my movements and we literally went through all of my lifting techniques at the gym.

What we found was that I was overusing my neck muscles during exercise and this was causing chronic tightness. After a few weeks of working through this, my neck pain and tightness has really gone away!

I am no longer in search for that quick fix!


If you are someone who has been suffering for a long time from pain, I urge you to contact Strive2Move as they can get you results that I have yet to find elsewhere!

Justin Headshot

Justin Rabinowitz

Dr. Justin Rabinowitz is one of New Jersey’s Leading Chiropractors and Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

Dr. Justin graduated with his Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College in 2012 and received his designation at a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist soon after. Upon graduation, Dr. Justin worked in a private practice until opening his own private practice in 2015.

Dr. Justin has worked with high level athletes in many settings including Rutgers University and CrossFit Regional Games. During his time in private practice, he has focused on caring for patients from professional athletes all the way to Fit Moms and Dads.

Dr. Justin is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing tennis and weight training.