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I’m sorry, Justin

Every so often I’m reminded of a story that happened years ago when I first opened my practice…

So here it goes:

A patient, let’s call him Bob, came to see me with an acute low back injury and sciatica. He was in terrible pain. It was so bad that he could not making from his home and drive all the way to work.

He had burning and tingling down his leg and was clearly frightened and nervous that his life was being severely changed by his injury. He could barely work, and certainly could not imagine playing with his young kids at home.

When Bob came in, I was happy to see that based on his symptoms and history I really thought that I could help.

And I did.

Within just 3 sessions, Bob was almost pain free. In fact, his pain had reduced about 80% overall.

At the time, I warned Bob that from my experience, he was not out of the woods just yet. He was at a point that was dangerous because he was feeling so good that he would most likely forget to do the stuff that got him there.

After his 3rd session, Bob cancelled the rest of his plan of care against my recommendation.

Months went by until one day I happened to be driving to the office and on phone duty. I remember picking up the phone and hearing this:

“Justin, I’m sorry.”

It was Bob. Bob had called to apologize. More than that, Bob had called because he was having an acute flair up that was worse than the first time.

Bob went on to tell me that he hadn’t followed my advice and went back to the crappy postures and positions that we spoke about. And now he was frightened because his pain was worse than the first time.

To make a long story short, I was able to help Bob again. But not without a longer and more intense treatment plan than I had originally prescribed.

I tell you this story as an example about pain. I know that pain is our indicator of when something is wrong. And I also understand that we generally think we are out of the woods when the pain goes away. But we simply don’t work that way.

My message: Don’t wait. I don’t want any more calls of people apologizing. When you have an ache or pain and aren’t sure what to do, I’m an email away.

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Justin Rabinowitz

Dr. Justin Rabinowitz is one of New Jersey’s Leading Chiropractors and Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

Dr. Justin graduated with his Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College in 2012 and received his designation at a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist soon after. Upon graduation, Dr. Justin worked in a private practice until opening his own private practice in 2015.

Dr. Justin has worked with high level athletes in many settings including Rutgers University and CrossFit Regional Games. During his time in private practice, he has focused on caring for patients from professional athletes all the way to Fit Moms and Dads.

Dr. Justin is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing tennis and weight training.