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Young Athletes

Because spring sports are just around the corner, it has me thinking of how best to keep your son/daughter healthy in the new season. So here are 3 tips: 1) Keep the piggy bank full- I often use the piggy bank analogy for athletes as they go ‘in-season’. Many workout and lift weights in the off-season and […]

I had been to massage therapy, chiropractors, and physical therapists before but never got results…until I came to Strive2Move

After years and years of seeing massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors, I figured that I may just have to deal with stiffness and tightness in my neck forever. And while I would get temporary relief from all the above, nothing was long-lasting. Then, Strive2Move came and spoke at my gym and decided that maybe […]

The Physical Therapist, ATC’s and Physio couldn’t help this gentleman, find out how we did

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank Dr. Rabinowitz. A little back story about me. I used to live in the world of Strength&Conditioning and worked with some very highly regarded physical therapists, ATC’s and physios. I had been very proactive about my own tissue work, stretching, and mobility drills to maintain what […]

[Videos] Everything You Need to Know About Kettlebell Swings

One of the best exercises on the planet is the kettle bell swing. I believe in it so much that I created a 4 Part Video that can help you master the swing. I have gotten some great feedback already as it has helped many of my athletes fix their swing. Check it out and […]

Why I Turn People Away

At times, I have to turn people away. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Usually, it’s for one specific reason. It’s because I tell them they will need to do stuff on their own. In other words, they have HOMEWORK! You see, my job is often just to be a facilitator of each […]

Setting PR’s While Injured

People who seek out my care are always injured. This is pretty obvious.   What isn’t obvious however, is how we can still have that injured person set personal records while being injured.   This is where people get confused. They often think that we simply ‘push through’ the pain. You know, like the old […]

Do YOU Need A Movement Coach?

The short answer is yes.   Everyone needs a movement coach.   Why?   And what the heck does that actually mean?   Well, a movement coach may be a chiropractor, physical therapist, or strength coach. Truthfully, the title is the least important part of this conversation.   What’s really important however is that this […]