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Hey S2M Family! April showers might bring May flowers, but sunny days bring F days! Got your attention, didn’t I?! By F days, I mean Festivals, Fairs and Farmer’s Markets! If anything marks the coming of permanent warmer weather and the lazy days of summer, it’s these events. Sometimes, you can’t plan for them but there are ways to check […]

Furry Friends

Spring Greetings Strive2Move Family, And by family, I also mean our tail wagging, furry family members, too! I am not only “Sportsmom” to my 3 kids (and some others lol) but also a dog mom to Rudy! So, this email is all about those with “four-on-the-floor”, our beloved Justin. Seasonal changes mean extra care for them […]

Reminder: An Important Message

With the holidays upon us, I think it’s my job to make sure I remind you what’s important. And that’s YOU. Yes, family and kids and loved ones are important BUT if you aren’t good, they won’t be either. I heard a quote the other day that resonated: “How you treat yourself is how you […]