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A Personal Thank You…Because You Are Family

Dear Strive2Move Family, A gift for all of you – no sports talk, helpful hints or recipes today… I just wanted to take this moment to wish you all the Happiest and Healthiest New Year! The clients here at S2M really do become family, so that sentiment is truly heartfelt. Enjoy some time to reflect […]

A Special Gift for all the STUBBORN Dads!

I want to bail you out. It’s Father’s Day today, and I know some may have forgot to go shopping and get that perfect Father’s Day Gift. Because of that, I wanted to offer your Dad a very personal gift. It’s a copy of my new book, “Beyond Fitness: Revealing The Secrets To An Active Pain-Free […]

The Gift of Knowledge

I recently heard a story about Michael Jordan learning to ski. The ski instructor teaching him said the following: “Each time I would correct Michael on something it was like I was giving him the best gift in the world. He cherished every correction as I believe he saw it as the gift of knowledge […]