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I pulled my hamstring…

The ‘subject’ of this blog is true.. The other day while training, I was building up to some sprints and pulled my hamstring. Like you, I can’t stand getting injured BUT I also try to learn a lesson each and every time. This time, the lesson is pretty clear and let me explain. As of […]

This is Perfect for Sports Parents…. (Offer Inside)

I came across this article from Dr. James Andrews, the leading expert surgeon for sports injuries. In it, he speaks to just how he recommends keeping children healthy while playing sports. In short, here are his recommendations: 1) Avoid playing any one sport year-round. “Most important, Andrews said overworking a youth’s developing body by having him or her play […]

#1 Reason Pain Lasts Longer Than You Want It To

The #1 Reason your injury lasts too long is simple: waiting. Waiting until it goes away usually results in waiting until it gets so bad you NEED to do something about it. Does this sound like you? You get injured and go to bed hoping that when you wake up the pain is gone. But […]

Shoulder Pain to Handstand in 2 Visits!

When I met Dr. Justin at a presentation he was giving at Brawlhouse in Mountainside, I knew right away that this was a guy I wanted to work with and continue to learn from. A year prior to us meeting, I had injured my shoulder practicing hand balancing. I stubbornly self-rehabbed, and although i regained […]