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Gardening Soon? Don’t ‘Spring’ Into Back Pain

I’ll often drive around during this time of year on a nice day just to watch people taking care of their home and garden. Half-jokingly I say to myself, “I should leave them my business card.” Just by observing the position a person works in, I can predict what type of back pain they will […]

I pulled my hamstring…

The ‘subject’ of this blog is true.. The other day while training, I was building up to some sprints and pulled my hamstring. Like you, I can’t stand getting injured BUT I also try to learn a lesson each and every time. This time, the lesson is pretty clear and let me explain. As of […]

A Special Gift for all the STUBBORN Dads!

I want to bail you out. It’s Father’s Day today, and I know some may have forgot to go shopping and get that perfect Father’s Day Gift. Because of that, I wanted to offer your Dad a very personal gift. It’s a copy of my new book, “Beyond Fitness: Revealing The Secrets To An Active Pain-Free […]

#1 Reason Pain Lasts Longer Than You Want It To

The #1 Reason your injury lasts too long is simple: waiting. Waiting until it goes away usually results in waiting until it gets so bad you NEED to do something about it. Does this sound like you? You get injured and go to bed hoping that when you wake up the pain is gone. But […]