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“Crooked” A Review on The Back Pain Industry

I was recently turned on to a book written by Cathryn Jakobson Ramin, a well known investigative journalist in regards to the back pain industry. Before I give you some of my thoughts, let me disclose that I have not completed the book yet. I am through about 1/3 of it and have a decent […]

All ‘Rehab’ Exercise is NOT Created Equal

It’s all too often that I hear, “I went for ___ and it didn’t work.” And my answer to this is usually, “Realize that all __ aren’t created equal.” Whether it’s strength training, physical therapy, or chiropractic, it’s simply not ALL created equal. This was proved to me even further this week after reading┬áthis┬ástudy. (If […]

You Should Just Be a Physical Therapist…

As some of you may have figured out, this blog is often just me writing about conversations I have in the office or with friends. It’s very common for people to come for treatment and not really understand that Strive2Move is a chiropractic facility. Why? Because we do more than simply adjust or ‘crack’ bones […]