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The #1 Thing to FOCUS on as school starts for your children…

As this week kicks off the school year and life gets crazy again, I think it’s important to remember what’s really important for our kids long-term health. We have talked about it before, but a good reminder never hurt anyone. SLEEP is the thing that MOST high school kids lose out on as the school […]

The Over/Under of Summer

It’s still summer people. That means your kids are still home from school. Some kids have already started their Fall Sport workout routine or have started practices. Yikes – I said – that word – ROUTINE. Even though the summer is still sizzling with trips and vacations, and I am going to squeeze every last sunset […]

5 Stress Management Tips for Kids

So…how’s everyone feeling during this crazy time of year? I know, it’s a rhetorical question because we know the answer is C-R-A-Z-Y! When you think about the stress that YOU are feeling, imagine what your kids feel like? They have so many end of year activities! Sometimes, dare I say, too many. Whether it’s field […]