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The CrossFit athlete asks the Chiropractor, “Is there such things as good pain?”

One of my competitive CrossFit athletes came in last week with lower back and leg pain. Quickly we were able to classify it as a ‘sciatica’ which I’m sure most of you have heard of before. After the treatment that day, he was able to train that night but was sore the next day and […]

Myth #4:What your doctor told you about exercise that may not be true: Just Stretch It

Welcome to Part Four of our series: 6 Myths Your Doctor Told You About Exercise. For Part 1-3, keep reading and the links will be at the bottom of this article. This post is something that happens quite often when a patient goes to the doctor with back pain. The doctor examines them, takes an […]

You Should Just Be a Physical Therapist…

As some of you may have figured out, this blog is often just me writing about conversations I have in the office or with friends. It’s very common for people to come for treatment and not really understand that Strive2Move is a chiropractic facility. Why? Because we do more than simply adjust or ‘crack’ bones […]

The Physical Therapist, ATC’s and Physio couldn’t help this gentleman, find out how we did

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank Dr. Rabinowitz. A little back story about me. I used to live in the world of Strength&Conditioning and worked with some very highly regarded physical therapists, ATC’s and physios. I had been very proactive about my own tissue work, stretching, and mobility drills to maintain what […]