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Sleep is my PED

With football season in full swing, I found an article from a current NFL player talking about the importance of sleep. To put in in his terms, sleep is his version of using a performance enhancing drug. His name is Marshal Yanda and is a 6-time NFL pro-bowl offensive lineman and here is more of […]

The #1 Thing to FOCUS on as school starts for your children…

As this week kicks off the school year and life gets crazy again, I think it’s important to remember what’s really important for our kids long-term health. We have talked about it before, but a good reminder never hurt anyone. SLEEP is the thing that MOST high school kids lose out on as the school […]

A lack of sleep causes so many issues…here is another one

As a follow up to the last post on sleep, we should really talk about sleep and stress and depression. So the question is, what’s the link? Well, it all has to do with a funny little chemical called serotonin. And altered serotonin is responsible for many problems including OCD, depression, Bi-polar disorders, and anxiety, […]