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Re: Our Brand New Nutrition Program

Since I published the Sunday blog post, I have had so many people emailing me with specific questions regarding the program. And as of this blog post, we only have 2 spots left when we launch in January. (Just Reply To This Email If Your Are Interested) To recap, here is what we are offering: […]

Be the FIRST For Our Brand New 2019 Offerings at Strive2Move

As the Thanksgiving season ends and the REAL holiday and New Year season begins, I wanted to get a head start and talk about some of our NEW offerings at Strive2Move. Before I go forward though, let me go back… I started Strive2Move a little over 3 years ago setting up my portable table in […]

Losing Weight Is Really THIS Easy

Ok, so losing weight isn’t THAT easy…I am the first one to tell you that. However, when you really stop and think about it, losing weight is nothing more than putting good habits into place. What I really wanted to share is exactly what I am doing to help myself. Like many of us, I […]