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Videos Description

Heavy Carry Training

Sit-ups are simply NOT the answer for your core. But, core training IS so important.
One of my absolute favorite ways to train the core is with a heavy carry.
The heavy carry will work your abs in a way you may have never felt before.
Try it and let me know how it goes!

Core Drill: Crawling

If you are looking for a unique and new challenge to test your core strength, this is a must.
Try putting a foam roller on your back and taking about 30 steps without the roller falling off.

RNT Lunge

Many folks are simply not getting their knee into the right position for a lunge.
They have mechanical flaws which will compromise the exercise. Using a band is a great way to break that habit!

It’s Not All About The Pain

We get so caught up in treating the pain that we forget to actually get people back to their life.
Pain usually isn’t so motivating to get fixed…not being able to provide for your family due to your pain?
That’s when it gets interesting…
Realize that we focus on function here.
And that changes from person to person.
What you want and your goals are are jus that: YOUR GOALS!

Why You Get Pain

So many folks wonder the #1 exact reason WHY they get lower back pain.
For most, it’s not simply one thing.
It’s usually a lot of little things that eventually lead up to the pain.

Two Exercises for Back Pain

If you work on a computer or sit at a desk in class for much of your day, this video is perfect for you…
Most of us live in flexed or hunched based position with work and school.
These 2 exercises help get rid of this posture and can really help in decreasing lower back issues.
Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Case Study Back Pain

Results of a Case Study

What Do We Do To Treat Back Pain

It’s so common for people to see ‘Chiropractor’ and just think, “They crack your back.”
At Strive2Move, we do so much more than that… we truly get you back to doing what you love.
Here are Top 3 things we will do with you when you become a patient.

Do You Need Surgery

Since I have had surgery, it’s my mission to do everything in my power to prevent you from having to go under the knife.
Surgery may be an option, but NEVER the first option.
Go conservative first.

How Best To Deadlift

Do you deadlift at a gym?
Pick up your kids?
Move boxes or heavy objects at work?
If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these, this video is perfect for you!
Learning how to deadlift (even if you will never lift in a gym) is the most important thing I can teach.
Here are my two favorite tips!

Resting Position After Deadlift

If you find yourself with lower back pain after a deadlift, try this one simple fix.
Simply going on the ground with you back into extension may help.
It’s best to do this for a few minutes AFTER your workout and BEFORE you leave the gym and go
back to your car.

How To Fix Overhead Position

Does your back arch or do you have shoulder pain when you try to press overhead?
Sometimes just dropping to one knee is the best thing to help fix this.

When To Go Back To Training After Low Back Pain

So you had some back pain and now you are feeling better?
How do you know when to go back to the gym? The answer is not simply, “when you have no pain.”
In fact, this is how I see so many people get re-injured. Check out the video to find out more.

Slip and Fall Wrist Prep

During the winter months, slip and fall injures are way too common.
Most often, the wrist and hand braces the fall and gets injured.
One of the problems is that many people don’t have the strength and mobility in the wrists to give
themselves a shot to stay pain free.

How to Properly Lift From The Ground: V Vs L Position

Understanding body position is the most important thing when lifting weights.
This simple visual of a ‘V’ vs ‘L’ can make all the difference in having back pain or not.

Over Rowing Your Row

Row variations are one of the THE best upper body exercises.
However, it’s really easy to butcher them and cause yourself more issues than necessary.
If you have shoulder pain or are just looking to solidify your technique, this video is perfect for

Why Stretching Isn’t Working

If you keep stretching the same thing, but it simply isn’t getting you long term results, WATCH THIS VIDEO!
Realize that even if stretching feels good in the moment, it may not be the thing that will get
you feeling all the way better.

Single Sided Soreness

Do you have soreness only on one side?
Watch this video to learn more!

Motivation For 2018

Don’t Wait For 2018, start NOW!

Kettlebell Swing Positions

Kettlebell swings are one of the best exercises of all time.
The problem is that it’s very easy to butcher them and make them a bad exercise for everyone.
Pain during a kettlebell swing usually means you are doing them wrong.

3 Steps To Get Out of Knee Pain

After lower back pain, knees are the most feared body part that gets injured.
Realize that knee pain will limit your mobility and independence over the long term.

Why Sitting Can Cause Low Backpain + How to Fix It

Why sitting all day is bad for you and how to keep good posture.

Why a Proper Squat Can Fix Backpain

In this video we talk about exactly the best solution to fix your squat which will also help to fix your back!

One Major Tip To Decrease Backpain When Deadlifting

The most common injury I see is lower back pain especially when deadlifting.
The good news is that with one simple correction, we can eliminate a lot of the problems that most people face.

One Drill To Help Touch Your Toes!

This is a great drill to do so that you can finally touch your toes!

How Do I Know What Doctor To See?

Did you ever wonder which doctor to go see for your back pain? What about your strep throat?
Too many people get stuck going to the wrong doctor simply because they don’t know any better.
Check out this video so that you can make a better decision about your health.

Why Does Your Back Hurt At Night? And How To Fix It!

Many people get backpain at night, but do not understand why.
This video explains why and how to prevent it.

Why New Moms Get Lower Backpain

If you are a new Mom out there, we know how tough it can be for so many different reasons.
The last thing that any Mom needs is to have a low back injury prevent them from being able to take care of their child properly.
In this video, we give some very basic but very important tips that can keep a new Mom from hurting her back when lifting up her newborn baby.

How Do I Know What Mattress To Choose?

People all over the world spend millions of dollars each year buying a new mattress with no knowledge of exactly what’s best for them.
In this video, you will learn a few specific tips that will help you select the exact best mattress for you and your body type.

The Exercise I Never Recommend

Most people think that doing sit ups is great way to strengthen the core and get rid of lower back pain.
Not only is a sit up bad for your core, but it even puts your back at risk for injury.
Sit ups can cause injuries such as back sprains, disc herniations, or even disc bulges.

The Best Soft Tissue Tools For Back Pain, Knee Pain, and Neck Pain

People often use foam rollers, bands, and exercise balls to help relieve commonly painful areas like back pain, knee pain, and neck pain.
Many times these self help tools can be useful but often they don’t work.
In this video we discuss what happens when they don’t work and what to do about it.

How To Use A Stand Up Desk

People have heard about a stand up desk, but most set it up wrong.
Here are a few tips to set up your stand up desk correctly.