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Why New Moms Get Lower Backpain

If you are a new Mom out there, we know how tough it can be for so many different reasons.
The last thing that any Mom needs is to have a low back injury prevent them from being able to take care of their child properly.
In this video, we give some very basic but very important tips that can keep a new Mom from hurting her back when lifting up her newborn baby.

How Do I Know What Mattress To Choose?

People all over the world spend millions of dollars each year buying a new mattress with no knowledge of exactly what’s best for them.
In this video, you will learn a few specific tips that will help you select the exact best mattress for you and your body type.

The Exercise I Never Recommend

Most people think that doing sit ups is great way to strengthen the core and get rid of lower back pain.
Not only is a sit up bad for your core, but it even puts your back at risk for injury.
Sit ups can cause injuries such as back sprains, disc herniations, or even disc bulges.

The Best Soft Tissue Tools For Back Pain, Knee Pain, and Neck Pain

People often use foam rollers, bands, and exercise balls to help relieve commonly painful areas like back pain, knee pain, and neck pain.
Many times these self help tools can be useful but often they don’t work.
In this video we discuss what happens when they don’t work and what to do about it.

How To Use A Stand Up Desk

People have heard about a stand up desk, but most set it up wrong.
Here are a few tips to set up your stand up desk correctly.