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Why I Want to Wear a Referee Shirt in My Own Home

Hope you are all enjoying the summer doing whatever makes you happiest!

As you know, the title of my blog is Sports Mom, and Sports are the lifeblood of my family. It has always been that way and will always be that way. That being said – Do you ever feel like the referee in your own home? Some days I wish I had a whistle and that striped jersey, that’s for sure.

Summer can get tricky when the kids are all home from school/college and the readjustment of “being home” gets to everyone. Trust me, I know!

But, SPORTSMANSHIP is not just something that can be applied to games or events on a field or court. It is not just lifting your opponent off of the field after they have taken a tumble. It’s even more than saying thank you to the refs after your game, win or lose.

Being a team player in LIFE is truly what Sportsmanship means, and it can be applied to friends, family, work, whatever and wherever. I heard a story recently that I will share about my son and his teammates and their off campus housing for Senior Year of college (hmmmm there’s probably another blog in there somewhere, stay tuned!).

They have rented a giant house and were literally drawing straws to see which room which player would get. As you might guess, someone drew the “short straw” and got the least desirable room and wasn’t too happy about it. That’s life, right? Instead of it becoming an argument or fight, another teammate just said – hey, I will switch with you if it’s that important. Done. Room selection accomplished.

My point is that these men who’s competitive juices are always flowing also had their Sportsmanship juices flowing and settled a potential sticky situation quickly. Why do I mention this story? Because Teamwork really does make the Dreamwork. In our homes, it could be the kids pitching in to empty the dishwasher, bringing the garbage in or out, toting the laundry baskets up or down the stairs, walking the dog and NOT WHEN PROMPTED OR IT BEING SOMEONE’S CHORE/JOB. I don’t just want my kids to help me, I want them to help each other and others around them on and off the field.

I like to say I am trying the best I can to help prepare them to be able to contribute to society effectively and not just expect things to happen…it’s not easy, but when the point gets realized, and my kids have that “A-HA” moment, there really is nothing more gratifying!!!!

Thanks for reading!

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