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We Help People In Northern And Central New Jersey Get Back To The Activities And Sports They Love ... Even When Others Have Told Them To Stop!

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What People are saying about Strive2Move

Judy L

When my back and hip started hurting, a couple of different doctors strongly suggested that I not lift anything over 45 pounds.
While part of me thought that perhaps this might be my new reality, I wasn’t ready to fully accept that I might have to forfeit my training.
I’m excited to say that my treatment at S2M has not only given me pain relief, but I am now back in the gym and training with confidence!


I was having some hip pain for quite a while as I trained for the New Jersey Marathon and had seen another chiropractor who did some stretching for my hip muscle.
It felt better right after, but once I had to train again, the pain came right back.
After going through the exam, Dr. Justin explained that I needed ‘strengthening’ exercises rather than the stretching I had been doing.
I am happy to say I hit a PR in the NJ Marathon and re-qualified for the Boston Marathon!