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Since 2012, Dr. Justin Rabinowitz has been a trusted advisor to many people seeking answers concerning their physical health and well-being, specifically with neck and shoulder pain. Each and every week, Dr. Justin works with patients who have tried 'everything else' yet can not seem to get the results they need.   He currently owns a private practice (Strive2Move) in Warren, New Jersey and has experienced rapid growth as he is able to continually assist patients in reaching their goals. Specifically, many have been able to get back to living the active lifestyle they love…without the use of pain pills, injections, or surgery.    


You may be wondering why this FREE REPORT includes both shoulder and neck pain together as it doesn't take much to see they are not the same body part.  What I have found however, is that most people with neck pain also have a problem with their shoulder and ones with shoulder pain often have a problem with their neck.  

Both body parts are intimately related and it is almost impossible to have a problem with one and the other not be compromised.   In fact, the classic patient that comes to my private practice has months, if not years of chronic shoulder pain that they have massaged and stretched, only to find out the pain is coming from a totally different area…the neck!    

Specifically, the five tips I am about to share with you may be just the advice you need to get that nagging pain to go away. Some may help over time and some may take the pain away almost instantly.  

As simple and easy as these tips are, they are certainly not as easy to put to work. Each involve being mindful and practice.  

Additionally, even if one of these tips happens to help you very quickly (which I hope it does) understand that this is a LONG TERM strategy to keep you active and healthy for years to come.  

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much better and healthier you will feel for reading and acting on the tips provided below.

5 Ways to (Naturally) Stop Neck and Shoulder Pain.From Waking You Up at Night and Causing Headaches!

1) Posture, Posture, Posture

The number one thing to be aware of when you have neck and shoulder pain is your posture.   Posture is so often overlooked and not thought of as contributing factor for pain. When I start to examine a patient for posture, it never happens during the formal exam because we will all be on our best behavior when we are made aware by someone else.   Actually, the best time to observe posture is when I go to the waiting area to greet a patient. In essence, I am sneaking up on them and get to see them 'in their element.'   I often find they are slumped over and their head is out of alignment with the neck. When the head droops forward, the neck has to work extra hard and this can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.   So, be aware of your posture and try to keep your ears in line with your shoulders.

2) Text Neck

Something we didn't have to deal with 20 years ago was the negative impact that cell phones have had on our health.   Specifically, the impact on neck and shoulder pain has been incredible.  

I see it all the time… people that have no idea why their neck and shoulders are stiff because seemingly 'nothing caused the pain' and then they pull their neck into all sorts of weird positions when using their cell phones.  

I suggest that when using your cell phone, bring the phone up to eye level rather than drop your eyes, head, and neck down.  

3) Invest in a Stand-Up Desk

  Technology these days has made us a slave to our computer. One of the biggest issues is that we end up getting stuck in one position, all day.  

Arguably, the best way to fight this is with a stand-up desk. The goal is to get your computer screen to eye level and to maintain an upright position, even when doing work.  

It's much easier to move and stretch your body if you are already in a standing position and your body will thank you for that.  

Some sitting is unavoidable. Many people have to commute to work and can drive up to two hours per days. If this is you, it's imperative that you combat that position when you can…which may be at the office.

4) Take Microbreaks

This next tip is a great follow up to a few I mentioned above.  

If you sit and are in bad posture, the only thing worse is doing this for long periods of time…without taking a break.  

I encourage everyone to set the timer on their computer or phone for 20-30 minutes and make sure that they at least stand up. We already know that sitting all day is bad for neck and shoulder pain, so the least we could do is break that up into shorter periods of time.  

Many people find such a benefit to this that they actually program their computer to lock itself after 30 minutes so that they are forced to get up and change positions.

5) Get Started With Chiropractic Care

  There isn't a better or faster way to truly end your neck and shoulder pain then by going to see an expert. Many times, people live in pain for weeks, months, and even years before they decide to do something about it.  

Nobody deserves to be in pain. You can often leave the office after just a few sessions in significantly less pain than when you walked in. Combining these tips with the hands-on care and advice you get from being 'in-person' with your chiropractor and you are bound to see and feel a significant difference.


So there you have it: five things that you can do TODAY to improve your posture and decrease your neck and shoulder pain. Obviously, there's so much you can do and so much more to get into, but these are ones that are quick, easy, and can make a BIG difference.  

In the weeks ahead, I will be sending you even more tips and advice on how to restore your active and healthy lifestyle and will share with you just how someone like myself could help.  

I hope this is the beginning of a great, long-term relationship where myself and my colleagues become a source of cutting edge health advice for you and make a real difference in your life.    

You can contact me here: drjustin@strive2move.com

(908) 547-0729  

Dedicated to Getting You Back to Doing What You Love,  

Dr. Justin Rabinowitz


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