The first and most important thing is that I want to congratulate you for making the great decision to download this report. With an endless amount of options out there, it's difficult to know what you should choose.  

Some options may include pain pills, rest, or even surgery. As you probably know, none of these actually address the true problem, they only mask it. And you probably also know that this makes the pain worse in the long run. We also know you may have other options like massage or physical therapy but these options often just give us temporary relief and don't get to the ROOT cause of the issue.  

This booklet provides a few natural tips that you can implement immediately to your daily life. These tips are meant to bring relief and also give you some insight into why your hip or sciatic nerve are bothering you. Luckily, we have been able to help thousands of patients over the years tips very similar to this.   Most importantly, what I really want you to know is that many of these tips have helped someone you may already be familiar with, the guy writing this report. Yes, I have suffered with sciatic and hip pain off and on for years. Mine got so bad that I ended up needed surgery. Luckily for you, I learned much of this AFTER surgery and it's now my mission to help others like you so you can avoid the same problems that I went through.

 These tips allow you to take control of your health and really start to get to the root cause of the problem. Most people who suffer from chronic hip and sciatic pain think it is something they have to 'accept'. Because of a diagnosis of a 'bulging disc', 'hip arthritis', or 'degenerative disc disease'... 

If you can take away only one thing from this report, is that your body, ALWAYS has the capacity to heal, and improve, only if you possess these 3 key ingredients.

 1. A proper mind-set and attitude to want to become more active and do NOT want to be held back by your pain

2. The proper knowledge of doing the right things to take care of your body  

3. Patience, drive, and a willingness to take to make steady, safe, and positive changes to your body over time

  Anyone who has suffered from chronic hip, or sciatic pain is likely frustrated when the pain doesn't go away, no matter how many things to try...   But just remember 1 crucial fact...  

Your body did not get into this position over night...

These tips are not an 'overnight fix', but instead it will help you create small, positive changes, and momentum...  

Which over time will help you re-establish a foundation of proper mobility, strength, and awareness that will allow you to get rid of your hip pain and sciatica for GOOD!

About the Author

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Justin Rabinowitz is the founder and owner of Strive2Move in Warren and Berkeley Heights New Jersey.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Ramapo College of New Jersey where he was the Captain of the baseball team. He later graduated with honors from New York Chiropractic College with a Doctorate of Chiropractic.

After suffering with his own back injuries starting in high school, Justin realized that what he went through didn't have to be the same for others and he has since dedicated his life to getting people back to doing what they love without surgery.

1) Avoid Sitting (Unless You Have To.)

  I know what you are thinking. I must be crazy! How could anyone avoid sitting?? Between driving to and from work or sitting on the couch at night or even sitting down to eat dinner, it's almost inevitable that you will need to sit at some point throughout your day.  

Because I know this, my real recommendation is to create more awareness around when you have to sit. In other words, only sit when you have to. So driving to work may be one where you certainly have to sit. BUT, many people with desk jobs actually have the option to work at a standing desk during the day. This could be a great alternative.  

Usually, the magic number is twenty minutes. Sitting much longer than that will certainly cause your pain to increase quite significantly and can set you back into a painful cycle!

2) Ice vs Heat??

This is such a common question and one we answer often. First, if anyone tells you they know for sure what to use, they are most likely not telling the truth.   The fact of the matter is that there is no good research to indicate that when you have pain, ice or heat is better.   So what does this mean to you? It means that you should use whichever works! I know this sounds simple, but this is all that each of these are doing.   Ice and heat do not actually "Heal" the tissue. They are there to make the pain feel better. So if heat loosens up the area, use heat. If ice numbs the area, use ice. Some people even enjoy going from heat to ice every 30 minutes to create a "contrast". This is great, too!

3) Watch Your "Resting" Position

  I don't know about you, but when I'm in pain I just want to be lazy and sit around doing nothing. I know how exhausting pain can be and it's so important that you give your body a chance to rest and recover.  

That being said, the position you "rest" in is very important. If you are like me, you enjoy sitting on your couch, feet on the coffee table, watching the game. The problem is usually when you go to stand up, the pain gets way worse! This is because that seated position with your feet up can really put a ton of strain on the sciatic and hip!  

My suggestion is to keep your feet on the floor, nice and flat and sit upright. It's ok to put a few pillows behind you so that you are still relaxed and can get the rest you need!

4) Avoid Serious Stretching 1st Thing In the Morning

  When you wake up in the morning, most likely you are really stiff in the back, hips, and legs. Many people feel they need to stretch as soon as they wake up just so they can loosen up the muscles and joints.  

My suggestion would actually be to wait a little while. Once you wake up, you should certainly move around. I'd recommend getting up and walking, possibly do some light chores around the house. But I would NOT recommend "cranking" your body into severe stretches. The problem with this is that you may be adding "too much, too soon" to the body even if it feels good, short term.  

Think about it like this: You just turned the car engine on and the next second you go 100 mph. This is NOT the best way to do business with your car OR your body.

5) Take Notes on What Makes You Worse

  Step one for any pain or injury is to simply create awareness around when and how the problem actually occurs. It's most likely that there are times of day that are better and times that it's worse. Is there any specific activity or activities that make it better or worse? This insight gives us so much information that can help guide you towards proper healing.  

Many people do well with actually writing or recording on their phone exactly when they feel a flare up. Sometimes a pattern can emerge and we can get very specific on the issue at hand. There are so many factors that can contribute to hip or sciatic-type pain that as long as a pattern emerged, we are in great shape to fix the pain!

6) Engage in Light Exercise

  Many people are shocked to hear a doctor encourage exercise right after an injury. But we are different than your 'normal' doctor and understand that the right exercise can be very beneficial.  

The best form of light exercise is walking. It almost seems too simple but walking can be very effective for injuries as it gets oxygen to the muscles and keeps them from tightening up. Recognize that you don't need to break a sweat or walk like a crazy person in order to loosen up. It's just about getting and keeping the body moving!

7) Consult with an "Expert" Chiropractor

Congratulations, in downloading this tips report, you have just taken the first step towards finally finding relief for your hip and sciatic pain. If you just implement a few of these strategies, then you might experience a 10, 20, or in some cases up to 30-40% in pain reduction without EVER having to take one pill!

  I will not sugar coat the severity of some hip and sciatic injuries, especially for those who have a tendency to "wait it out." The longer you wait to get this thing resolved, the longer it takes to get better.

Tip number 7 is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP!

Getting a proper movement diagnosis is of utmost importance...   Finding out what the true "root causes" of your pain instead of wasting time trying to "alleviate symptoms" is the single reason why MOST people suffer for so long with back pain. Once your full-body's movement patterns have been carefully analyzed and diagnosed, you, alongside your chiropractor will create an actionable care plan that works best for your body, and your lifestyle.  

This plan will include:

  1.  Understanding of your problem and how to make the best, most reasonable changes to your lifestyle to allow for proper healing

2.  A restoration of your mobility using hands-on methods and techniques to unlock stiff joints, loosen tight muscles, and get rid of old scar tissue, to allow you more freedom to move throughout the day

3. An individualized, personalized, exercise program to help you build strength, flexibility, and resiliency back into your body. This will help increase your body awareness, confidence, and ability to do daily tasks such as exercise/golf with friends, or even pick up your kids or grandkids!      

Following these steps, using a collaborative approach to healing with an expert Doctor of Chiropractic is what has helped so many others aged 30-65 not just get rid of their pain, but also get them back to doing what they love!   To live life on your terms. doing all the activities you would like to do, when you want to do them   Without having to risk dangerous surgery or injections...  

And by not being told by the doctor to stop doing the things you love   All you need to do is schedule a phone consultation with a Chiropractor here at Strive2Move. A free 20-minute phone call to start an honest conversation about your pain is the BEST NEXT STEP you can take to get this thing finally solved!  

Go to this link, and fill out a very simple webform to let us know a bit more about your problems, so we can get started on creating a plan for you today!

Or give us a call at (908) 547-0729 to schedule your FREE 20 minute phone consultation with a specialist TODAY.