Raise your hand if you’re sitting in an old office chair, hardwood dining room chair, or even better… lounging on the couch or bed. 

This is what work looks like during the COVID pandemic. We’ve all found our own territories in our homes that have transformed into “the office,” but you’re most likely starting to miss your expensive, ergonomically approved desk chair by now. 

That’s where we come in. You have options! And they’re so simple and effective, you will be mad you didn’t think of it yourself.

What Is A Standing Desk?

A standing desk allows you to stand up comfortably while working from a standing position. While there are a variety of standing desk options to choose from, you can simply make one at home!

 A standing desk can be as easy as placing your laptop or computer monitor on a stack of books, giving you the freedom to get some movement into your work day!

Why Would I Stand Up While Working?

I had a client dealing with low back discomfort while at work. I asked him what his work day looked like, to which he said sitting for 8 or more hours at a time. There was the “ah ha!” moment! The first thing we did was address his work station. I told him how he could implement a standing desk to help break up the monotony of sitting. After a few weeks, he not only experienced less pain, but also enjoyed the freedom it gave him throughout the work day! 

Working from a standing position allows you to break up the cycle of sitting for long periods. This puts you in a better position to get movement in when you otherwise would not!

Is There More Than One Type Of Standing Desk?


Standing Desk

Yes! If you’re in the market for one, here are a couple types that we would recommend: 

  1. Fixed-Height: Desks that stay at your standing height, like pictured to the right!
  2. Sit-Stand Desks have the ability to adjust so you can sit or stand throughout your day!

Not sure what type of standing desk is right for you? We help patients make the right choice every day. Click the button below to schedule a free call with one of our staff doctors for personalized, expert advice!

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Benefits Of A Standing Desk

The standing desk offers you the chance to break up the repetitive cycle of sitting for long periods of your work day. 

Being sedentary can be a contributing factor to pain, such as in the low back. Finding a way to stretch your legs and change your posture as opposed to sitting for long periods of time can absolutely help your body feel better. 

It gives your workspace a healthy alternative instead of bounding you to a desk for 8+ hours (or more) a day. 

The standing desk allows you to improve productivity throughout the workday. 

Four Step Guide To Setting Up A Standing Desk

Thinking you might benefit from a standing desk, but don’t want to buy one?

You’re in luck! Many of our clients are feeling this way, especially given the current situation. During telehealth appointments, I’ve been able to assess a workspace and find creative ways to build your own, effective, standing desk. For example, a high enough counter top, or a countertop with a box or added books works phenomenally.

Check out the graphic below to see if your countertop could work as a standing desk and follow these easy four steps!

  1. Find a countertop that positions you in a way that will allow your body to get into proper standing form
  2. Make sure your arms are at 90 degrees (shoulders rolled back and down, allowing forearm and wrists to be parallel with the ground)
  3. Make sure your wrists are in a “neutral position” not going up towards your body!
  4. Laptop screen or monitor height should be in line with your center of gaze. If you have a foot stool or a box this will allow you to vary your position throughout the day!


For more help, watch this video on setting up a standing desk at home!