Episode 31: Dan McFadden, Behavior Flow: Streamlining ABA For The Autism Community Onto One Screen Cropped

The Stay Healthy New Jersey Podcast has doubled as a tool to reconnect with old friends. In this case, it allowed me to get back in touch with my old baseball teammate, Dan McFadden.

Dan spent most of his career in the school system working with children on the spectrum. Today, Dan is in the process of developing Behavior Flow, an app that will help students, families, and teachers in the classroom dealing with autism.

Dan educates the Stay Healthy NJ community on so much about children with autism, what it’s like for educators working with autistic students, and the positive impact he hopes to have on the autism community.

Behavior Flow’s current main platform is on Instagram @behaviorflow

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Dr. Justin Rabinowitz

Dr. Justin Rabinowitz


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