We bring the Stay Healthy New Jersey Podcast back as local as it gets with The Bar Method Warren, located just down the street from Strive2Move.

Sabina Clark, the owner of The Bar Method Warren, opens up about balancing motherhood and becoming an entrepreneur and small business owner. Sabina was a dancer at an early age and was thrilled to discover The Bar Method in Summit in 2008. Since 2015 Sabina has enjoyed spreading and sharing her love of The Bar Method with the Warren community.

Sabina tells Justin what The Bar Method is, what one may expect in their first bar method class, the rigorous process to becoming a certified bar method teacher, and much more!

You can learn more about The Bar Method here, as well as visiting their instagram page @barmethodwarren

Stay Healthy NJ listeners and Strive2Movers can get the Club Bar 5 Package for just 65 dollars with promo code S2M65

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Dr. Justin Rabinowitz

Dr. Justin Rabinowitz


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