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Is Your Chiropractor Asking the Right Questions?

I’ve always been told that I ask too many questions. In fact, I admit it can be quite annoying. At least now I am aware of this so before the question attack starts I can preface by saying, “Sorry for all of the annoying questions,” and then proceed to all of the annoying questions 🙂 […]

I was scared I would no longer be able to train the way I wanted to… I was truly disheartened

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered a love for exercise and training. What began as a desire to shed some extra weight, turned into a real commitment to health and fitness goals. I love the results I have achieved and I love the way it makes me feel. That’s why when my back and […]

The Physical Therapist, ATC’s and Physio couldn’t help this gentleman, find out how we did

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank Dr. Rabinowitz. A little back story about me. I used to live in the world of Strength&Conditioning and worked with some very highly regarded physical therapists, ATC’s and physios. I had been very proactive about my own tissue work, stretching, and mobility drills to maintain what […]

Why Traction May NOT Be Your Best Option

It’s common that a chiropractor or physical therapist will brag about the newest piece of equipment they just bought for the practice in order to ‘solve’ your back pain. Hey, I would too. Those things are expensive and someone has to pay the bill! Only one problem, though. They usually don’t work. In fact, the […]