Rehabilitation Exercises

These exercises will be given to you as determined by the doctor. The exercises are aimed to work hand-in-hand with spinal manipulation to help the body to move more efficiently.

These exercises are often incredibly helpful for most every patient. They are great for patients who often feel as though they "can't hold" their adjustment.

Strengthening weakened or inhibited muscles allows joints and muscles to experience less pain and higher function.

The exercises are not "cookie-cutter" and each patient's case will be treated uniquely with their own set of exercises best suited for them!

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Stretching aims to work in unison with other treatments in our office.

All our staff doctors are trained in soft tissue release techniques as well as trigger point therapy. Muscle tightness and pain are common conditions we see in our office that we can treat with these techniques!

Muscle stretching and proper warmups are important throughout the day. 

The doctors may perform some stretching techniques that involve patient interaction. Other stretches can be performed by the patient themself and can be given as take-home stretches. 

The stretching aims to decrease trigger point and tight muscle tissue to help patients move more effectively and with less pain!

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