Dealing with Sports Injuries?

Injuries are inevitable for people who actively participate in sports. Thankfully if you do find yourself suffering from an injury the team at Strive 2 Move has all you need to get back to living your active life.

How To Keep Training Hard, Even With An Injury

This is for the athlete or active individual who wants to continue to train hard in the gym or on the field, even if they have been injured.

How to know if that's you...
  • You are an adult who has pain after working out with weights in the muscles of your lower back.
  • You are a golfer who gets back aches and pains before and after 18 holes.
  • You are trying to avoid taking over the counter pain pills every time you do a tough workout.
  • Whether you have been injured for days, weeks, or months I am going to provide you with the information you need to take control of the pain and get you back doing what you love.

If you are someone trying to lose 20 pounds in the gym, a competitive athlete or even weekend warrior, continue reading! If you would like more immediate help, call (908) 547-0729!

Do you want to exercise and lose weight but can’t due to pain and injury?

If you are reading this, you are aware of two things:

1) Exercise is important in your quest to lose weight and get in

2) Injury can derail any weight loss goals that you set for yourself

We often hear from frustrated gym owners...

“People come in here and want to work out and lose weight but they all have some kind of injury! What can I do to help them feel better but also reach their weight loss goals?”

… Luckily, we have the answer!

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We Are Passionate About Two Things At S2M

Fitness & Getting People Out Of Pain And Keeping Them That Way


These five tips are simple to employ and have helped many people stay in the gym, reach their fitness and weight loss goals, regardless of pain and injury.

1) Modify Your Position

Many people have pain during certain movements but not with others…

The key is to figure out which ones are causing the problem.

Let’s say that you have back pain when using the rower and while doing sit-ups… This tells us that the seated position is not a good position for you to be in.

So your best bet would be to make sure that you do most of your exercises from a standing or upright position. This may include running and/or standing based weight training.

2) Understand When You Are Having Pain

It’s far too often that people with pain say they can not work out because it causes a "flare up."

However, many people misunderstand the timing of pain with the activity.

Many people actually feel great while they are working out. But when they go back to work and sit or drive home, the pain starts. This tells us that it may not be the workout that is the problem... it may actually be the abrupt change in activity level causing the issue.

We all live crazy, busy lives and usually run out of the gym to either get back to the office or pick the kids up from somewhere, omitting a proper cool down. Without a proper cool down, our body goes from 100% exertion to 0% exertion without a good step down process so that our body can really relax properly.

3) Communicate With Your Trainer

There is a misconception going around that if you can not complete the workout EXACTLY like the rest of the class, you "failed." 

Consider this... doing exactly what everyone else is doing may be causing you more harm than good. While participating in group fitness has amazing benefits, one of the drawbacks can be the pressure that you always have to do what everyone else is doing.

What we recommend is that if you know a certain exercises always cause you a problem, simply talk to the trainer and ask if there is any way that said exercise can be modified to fit your needs.

We all have different exercise backgrounds and body types and it’s important to respect and act accordingly to meet those needs.

4) Play The Long Game

The most important part of losing weight is actually NOT how hard you work in the gym each session... 

Yes, this is important. But something I have found more important is actually just being consistent.

Consistency is key. I would much rather you leave something in the tank each workout so that you can come back tomorrow to the gym and workout again.

Four semi-challenging workouts per week will always beat one really hard workout per week. So, do enough to challenge yourself but not too much where you are too sore/injured to come back strong the next day.

5) Find A Qualified Provider To Help

One of the frustrations people have when working out is with any injury, they feel like their doctor will simply tell them to take some pills and rest until the pain goes away.

But, if you are trying to lose weight, this probably won’t work (see tip 4).

When you find a medical provider (chiropractor, physical therapist, acupuncturist, medical doctor) who understands exercise as much as they do your medical issue, they can guide you on how to continue to train hard and lose weight…even when you are injured.

There are SO many options when exercising that it simply takes a little time and effort to put together a program that can still get you to your goals!

Having trouble finding that trusted provider? We specialize in helping active adults end pain while continuing to do the things they love! 

We will always find a way for you to continue doing your favorite activities while in treatment with us, whether that be group fitness, CrossFit, or golf!

Give us a call today at (908) 547-0729 and find out how we can help you do what you love AND end pain.

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