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Learn How to workout even when you are injured!

FREE REPORT: “5 Tips to Keep You Working Out… Even When You Are in Pain”

Learn how to keep working out even when your are in pain!

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Justin Rabinowitz Owner of Strive2Move

A Personal Message from the Owner of Strive2Move Justin Rabinowitz,

This report is for the athlete or active individual who wants to continue to train hard in the gym or on the field even if they have been injured.

Who should be reading this report?

  • You are an adult who has pain after working out with weights in the muscles of your lower back.
  • You are a golfer who gets back aches and pains before and after 18 holes.
  • You are trying to avoid taking over the counter pain pills every time you do a tough workout.

Whether you have been inured for days, weeks, or months I am going to provide you with the information you need to take control of the pain and get you back doing the what you love.

If you are someone trying to lose 20 pounds in the gym, a competitive athlete or even weekend warrior, download this free report today. If you would like more immediate help, call (908) 547-0729!

Dr. Justin Rabinowitz
Dr. Justin Rabinowitz
Owner of Strive2Move

FREE REPORT: “5 Tips to Keep You Working Out… Even When You Are in Pain”

Learn how to keep working out even when your are in pain!

Look Who Else Came For Specialized Sports Injury Treatment at Strive2Move and Left Able to Work Out and COMPETE Like They Were NEVER Injured!


I used to live in the world of Strength & Conditioning and worked with some very highly regarded physical therapists, ATC’s and physios. I had been very proactive about my own tissue work, stretching, and mobility drills to maintain what unflawed movement I had. After a solid 6 months plus of living in pretty agonizing hamstring pain I went to see Dr. Justin
After a movement screen and some testing he was able to determine that what I had been doing was in fact the complete opposite of what I actually needed.
My pain is gone and my hamstring was no longer apprehensive while I was in sprinting. A HUGE thank you to the man who got me moving again. I’m back in action and am feeling great about it!


For almost a year I was having suffering from a nagging upper trap pain. I have also suffered from lower back and hip pain almost every morning during the same period.
As a strength athlete at 21 years old I knew I needed to take the time to fix these issues if I wanted to live and lift without any pain. I met with Justin before my powerlifting meet to try to alleviate my hip pain. Amazingly, I got through that meet with no pain.
After my first visit I was immediately out of pain and knew it was a great fit for the long term. My trap muscle and low back pain have been almost non-existent after 1.5 months with Justin.
The homework Justin gives to do on my own allow me increase my strength and longevity in strength training.