You Are Deadlifting WRONG!

If you would like more tips like this go over and follow us on Instagram HERE! ***GOT NECK PAIN??*** . Ever have neck pain you can’t seem to get rid of? . Did you ever look into your squat or deadlift position? . Keeping your head and neck in this posture for a serious lifter will […]

Pancreatic Cancer Sucks!

On Monday, Strive2Move had the wonderful honor in the sponsorship at the Ray Buchan Memorial Golf Outing. Ray was a family friend who passed a few years back due to pancreatic cancer. We could not be more proud to be able to support someone and something (Pancreatic Cancer Research) in our local community. Events like […]

Change your spine position, change your back pain

If you have come to me with back pain, it’s very possible we have already spoke about this very thing… However, if you have a family member suffering from back pain, share with them this email as it may just be the thing that gets them over the hump! I talk everyday about strategies at […]

The CrossFit athlete asks the Chiropractor, “Is there such things as good pain?”

One of my competitive CrossFit athletes came in last week with lower back and leg pain. Quickly we were able to classify it as a ‘sciatica’ which I’m sure most of you have heard of before. After the treatment that day, he was able to train that night but was sore the next day and […]