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Hey S2M Family! April showers might bring May flowers, but sunny days bring F days! Got your attention, didn’t I?! By F days, I mean Festivals, Fairs and Farmer’s Markets! If anything marks the coming of permanent warmer weather and the lazy days of summer, it’s these events. Sometimes, you can’t plan for them but there are ways to check […]

Furry Friends

Spring Greetings Strive2Move Family, And by family, I also mean our tail wagging, furry family members, too! I am not only “Sportsmom” to my 3 kids (and some others lol) but also a dog mom to Rudy! So, this email is all about those with “four-on-the-floor”, our beloved Justin. Seasonal changes mean extra care for them […]

Golf Pre-Season Assessment (From Your Own Home!)

As the warmer weather begins to stick around, we all know what that means… it’s officially golf season! Want to spend the summer hitting longer and straighter instead of watching from the sidelines due to lower back pain? Check out part one of our three part golf pre-season self assessment series to ensure you’re prepared […]

Our Podcast Is Here!

We have some big news here at S2M! I’m very excited to share with you all our new podcast, Stay Healthy New Jersey, where I will be interviewing health and fitness experts in our area. This podcast is for anyone wanting to take advantage of the amazing health and fitness community that we have locally! Episode 001 […]

{VIDEO} A VERY Personal Story I Wanted to Share

The best part of doing what I do is that I get to meet all of the cool people that come to Strive2Move. Everyone has a story, and this one hits really close to home. Today I wanted to share with you a story about Joe McHale. If that last name sounds familiar, it’s because […]

Jason Day Hurt His Back (not by golfing)…

It’s Master’s Sunday! For many of us, this is THE Sunday event of the year. These guys are truly some of the best athletes in the world…yet they screw themselves up the same way we do. Let me explain. Jason Day, one of the best golfers in the world has struggled with a back injury […]

“I Feel Like Sh**”

It’s all too often I have a patient come to the office frustrated, unhappy, and questioning what they heck they are doing. The question essentially becomes, “I’m doing this exercise to make me healthier, and I feel worse.” To be honest, I’ve struggled with this same question, as well. For those that follow a fitness […]