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“Look Who Else Came For Chiropractic Visit And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

Judy L

When my back and hip started hurting, I was scared that I would no longer be able to train the way that I wanted to. A couple of different doctors strongly suggested that I not lift anything over 45 pounds or so, which reinforced my fear.
While part of me thought that perhaps this might be my new reality, I wasn’t ready to fully accept that I might have to forfeit my training.
I’m excited to say that my treatment over the course of a few weeks has had me making steady progress in the right direction. Not only do I have pain relief, I have arrived at the point where I am now back in the gym and training with confidence!


Initially, I just had some pain in my back and hips when sitting. Then, every time I would demo an exercise for a client, it became crippling.I sought out a few practitioners local to me in South Jersey, but none actually made any sort of progress on my issue.
At this point I was frustrated, so I reached out to a professional group I was a part of and they referred me to Dr. Justin.I took the 90- minute drive to see him, and Dr. Justin did a functional evaluation and began treatment.
By the time I left the office, the exercises that hurt when I walked in, no longer hurt when leaving.Dr. Justin made it clear that this was not going to be ‘magic’ but really took the time to show me exactly WHY I was having my pain.